In 2019 I have been invited to participate in the exhibition of the 4th edition of Tresors during Joya Barcelona fair.

Tresors was created in 2016 by Silvia Serra Albaladejo, who is also the curator of the group.

Tresors is a creative activity in constant evolution which aims at highlighting formal and personal is where the concept of “content” takes up all its meaning and importance. Starts a dialogue between the creator, the wearer, and the spectator.

The topic of this edition has been the topic of politics, a discipline dedicated to studying, generating and publicly interviewing at the state or a normative science and as a political activity, it presents the mission of dealing with the three great purposes of contemporary social action, justice, welfare and social order, what we call “social rights”. This is exactly what Tresors wants to show with this exhibition, the different ways of understanding this topic based on this cultural expression, such us contemporary jewelry. An exhibition which invite you to reflect on their own territory and on issues that affect us, individuality, or collectivity.

My contribution has been two pieces from the collection “Under Construction”.

I consider that society is in constant construction and there is a distance between the needs of people and the management of political power. My pieces are small containers, containing different experiences, that many times instead of complementing they distance. Each piece has a character wanting to express different situations or actions.

Technically in “ Under Construction ” there is a search of the volume and an investigation of the action of weaving.